What happened with high inflation after WWII in 1946 when our soldiers returned home?

We keep hearing about how this inflation cycle is going to be like the 1970s, but what if it is more like 1946? Remember that one? Me neither.  WWII had ended. Soldiers came back home, got married, bought houses and tons of other things: cars, appliances, etc. The economy reopened in a mangled fashion: 

A Positive Outlook on the Market

Going back to WWII, three years after a recession, we have had negative returns zero times. Five years after a recession: All positive returns with many triple digit returns. Ten years after a recession: All but once, the cumulative returns are triple digits.  Read here for a positive outlook on the market.

What Can You Do In an Economy and Market Like This? And Overheard Positives on the Economy

Overheard Positives on the Economy and What You Can Do. Is there a positive sign anywhere with all the strange stuff going on in the economy?

Overheard on the Economy

One of the tallest office towers in St. Louis lost 96% of its appraised value. Denver’s former World Trade Center complex faces foreclosure. An oil company’s vacant Houston workplace sold this year at a $67.4 million loss to lenders. Other wild things running around this economy...

Speculations on the economy

We are in unchartered territory with the combination of high inflation rates, the Fed increasing interest rates, high home values, low unemployment, and a bear market, all while potentially entering recession. It is uncommon for the Fed to increase interest rates into a bear market.

What is tax loss harvesting?

Is tax loss harvesting for you? There are many benefits and if done correctly, it could help you. Read on to learn more.

Midterms and the Stock Market - Another brief history

A little over five months from now, we will know if the Republicans have flipped Congress or not. Which is better for the market?

A brief history of inflation and the stock market

Learn more about inflation and the stock market.

Taxes and Your Investments

Here at One Bridge, we talk a lot about tax-efficiency and your investments. Add value to your overall portfolio and overall net worth by controlling what you pay in taxes as much as you can. But what does that mean and how do we do it?

Tax-free Investment Accounts and How to Maximize Them

Do you know that you might be able to contribute up to $61,000 to tax-free accounts each year? Most people know about Roth IRAs, but what about Roth 401ks and After-tax 401ks? Learn how to grow your tax-free accounts.