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We are an independent St. Louis financial advisory firm, working closely and confidently with our clients to provide smart advice on their investments and how to pursue their financial goals. Clients want a personalized approach and a comprehensive financial/retirement plan, and that’s why we’re here.

We’ll never forget a face or name and are easily reachable. We can meet in person or via Zoom. We have first-class, extensive resources by partnering with Commonwealth Financial Network®, our RIA-broker dealer, and Fidelity (NFS), our custodian.

Based in St. Louis, MO, our clients are located both locally and across the country. We provide virtual financial advisor services, using Zoom and Docusign, to all clients who want it. Please contact us to learn more about wealth management services in St. Louis!


Investment Management

Investment selection and asset management are core components of your financial plan. At One Bridge Wealth Management, our St. Louis financial advisors use diversified and disciplined investment strategies tailored to your specific goals. We advise you according to your personal preferences and needs, and in most cases, we utilize cost-efficient fund selections. Whether you’re worried about low-interest rates or have questions about how much should be invested domestically vs. internationally, we use a simple but comprehensive approach when looking at investment construction. We factor in items like total assets, the level of risk you're comfortable with, and the length of time your money will need to be invested. When you combine these factors and implement them accordingly, we believe it puts our clients in the best position to work towards long term success. These are some of the many reasons to choose One Bridge Wealth Management as your local St. Louis financial advisors and St. Louis investment advisors.

Tax Strategies

There are numerous aspects of strategic tax planning and preparation to consider as part of an overall plan. There are almost too many that come to mind for clients throughout their life but our most common questions deal with the following: Capital gain considerations, paying for healthcare costs in retirement, IRA withdrawal and income strategies, tax-loss harvesting, Roth conversions and charitable giving. Together we will create a plan as tax efficient as possible. This is an important component of your overall financial plan and can help to maximize overall returns. When working with a professional financial advisor from One Bridge, you can have confidence that we will help you with these types of questions every step of the way. Your success is our success.

Risk Management & Insurance –
Life, Long Term Care, and Disability

So, you are finally invested according to your goals and all is good, right? Maybe. There are many external risks that could reduce your investable assets and these risks are different for people at various stages in their life. For seniors, it could be long-term care risks (i.e. going into a nursing home). For younger people with a mortgage and kids, it might be the risk of no longer having income to pay the mortgage and child-related costs due to a disability or loss of life. We manage these risks through life, disability, and long-term care insurance. We will help you identify your greatest sources of risk and get you the proper coverage you need to protect what matters most in your life.

Retirement Planning

Planning for retirement may seem daunting whether you are already retired or that date is next year or 30 years from now. At One Bridge, we’re here to help guide you through a multitude of questions and concerns when planning for that day. Can I afford to retire? How much do I need to live comfortably in retirement? Should I rollover my 401k? What are the ramifications if I do or don’t? When do I file for social security? How do I plan for healthcare costs? Am I saving enough? We’re here to make sense of these questions and design a plan around accomplishing your specific goals.

Estate Planning

Asset management is one of those things that we often neglect until it's too late, and our loved ones are stuck dealing with the lengthy process that ensues. Estate planning is important for many reasons but most especially in helping to ensure your assets are distributed to those you treasure in the most efficient manner possible. This type of planning can give you control over what happens to your assets upon your death as well as give you more control (and financial confidence) during life. You can reduce the chance of your assets going through probate in several different ways. Efficient titling of assets might be enough to get the job done. If not, establishing a trust might be more appropriate for what you need. There are different options and scenarios to consider and we’ll help you make sense of them all. Be proactive about your finances with One Bridge Wealth Management's services for Estate Planning and Asset Management in St. Louis and nationwide.

Business Planning

If you are a business owner today, this type of planning is specific to issues that concern you, your business partners, and even your loved ones. It helps you identify risks and options for managing these concerns, in the best way possible. Every business is different and as a business owner, your livelihood and those of your family depend upon its continued success. As one of your most significant assets, it's important that you plan carefully. One Bridge can be your guide to wealth management in St. Louis. We also serve nationwide!

Employee Retirement Plan Consulting

We help your employees plan for retirement by offering the most attractive and relevant retirement plans for a multigenerational workforce that is in line with what you need as a business. We provide customized retirement plan solutions that are created through a collaborative, consultative approach and careful analysis of data. One Bridge Wealth Management is a team of financial specialists working alongside you (the business owner) to help build a stronger organization and working alongside your employees to address all aspects of employee retirement plans. Our Employee Retirement Plan Consulting team will come onsite to meet with and educate employees on how and why to best utilize the plan available to them.

Employer Retirement Plan Consulting

Designed for businesses and business owners, we are dedicated to helping you strategize an employer sponsored plan that meets your needs and helps your employees to reach their long-term goals. We understand every business is unique in its plan requirements and needs customized consulting from a retirement plan specialist. We believe we can greatly assist in the management of your employee retirement plan to help everyone get the most from its benefits, including you, the business owner.


John C. Wahl, CFP®
John C. Wahl, CFP®
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Mark Witthaus


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