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Your Dedicated Retirement Plan Consultant


If you are a small business owner or an administrator of a school you know that providing an employer-sponsored retirement plan like a 401(k) or 403(b) can be a valued benefit for your employees, and that it is strategically important for their retirement. Whether you need a plan designed from scratch or a second opinion on an existing one, One Bridge is here to help guide you through the process. We provide services for retirement plans for small business owners and their employees, including non-profit organizations and institutions. 


Retirement Benefits Simplified

Your time should be spent managing your business, not the retirement plan. That is where we come in. A retirement plan for small business has many moving parts. First, we simplify and clarify the options available to you. Then we help guide you to make the right choices for you and your employees. Once it is time to execute the plan, we take over as much of the workload as possible so your time can be focused on your business. We have a team of retirement plan specialists who will help get the job done and who truly enjoy helping your business evolve and grow. We want to take the load off you so you can focus on business growth opportunities. 

A retirement plan for small business should offer employees an on-site consulting service. We do this once a year when we meet with employees as a group or individually, where we answer their questions and respond to their concerns. We can also provide comprehensive financial advice to employees. Please see the Retirement Consulting for Employees tab for more information.


Small Business Incentives

We'll work with you to help identify any potential tax credits for which you might qualify. Since 2019 the SECURE Act has provided a tax credit for business owners who set up a new 401(k) plan. A matching tax credit is included if the plan has automatic enrollment. This is an incentive for your business to provide retirement benefits to your employees and it's designed so they can more easily enroll. 


Comprehensive Services for Businesses Owners

When searching for a retirement plan for small business owners, remember that One Bridge understands your needs and priorities. Not only do we design and manage employee retirement plans, but also, we focus on you the business owner, and your family. Your business is probably one of your largest assets. Its success or failure can impact your family's security. We want to ensure there is a succession or continuity plan so the risk to your family is reduced if something happened to you. Buy-sell agreements funded through life insurance is a common strategy to address the risk. 

We understand your concerns at One Bridge Wealth Management, and that's one of many reasons we offer these services for business onwers. If you are a small business owner and you've been considering small business reitrement plans, schedule a complimentary consultation with Mark or John from One Bridge.

Contact us today to see how your plan and your employees can benefit from working with us as your trusted retirement plan partner.