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Retirement Planning for Your Employees


As a small business owner there may come a time when you consider offering retirement benefits to your employees. Should you choose to implement a new retirement plan, such as qualifying 401k, we can help you receive two tax credits just for setting it up and including automatic enrollment as part of the process. This government incentive is designed to ensure that employees save for their retirement. Our services are designed to educate your employees on why and how to save for their retirement. Our team of retirement specialists will come onsite to meet with your employees at least once per year. We will answer questions they might have, review their retirement plan, and update anything needing attention. This added touch goes a long way in employee satisfaction and therefore helps you, the business owner. Additionally, we help business owners understand the different types of retirement plans. Then, we help you choose the right plan for you and your employees. We also can help you with other personalized services designed for business owners.

Added Benefits To Working With One Bridge Wealth Management

At One Bridge, we work diligently for all our clients, including the employees enrolled in the employer-sponsored retirement plan. Yes, we help them with their investments inside the plan, but we go beyond that, too. When meeting with your employees, we will discuss most areas of their financial life and provide additional advice when necessary. For example, are your employees contributing to a Roth IRA? Do they have an emergency fund? Do they have life insurance? Are they planning for college tuition for their kids or grandkids? What else have they done to plan for retirement? Does their spouse have a retirement plan? Should they invest their excess savings and if so, how? How can they be more tax-efficient? Should they take out a 401k loan? When is a 401k rollover appropriate? We go the extra step to make sure your employees are planning ahead to prevent potential problems from becoming real problems. This model of comprehensive financial advice helps the employee take the extra steps to take care of themselves and their families.

Plan Sponsor Due Diligence


When was the last time you had your plan reviewed by a third party? As the plan sponsor, one option to do your due diligence is to have the plan evaluated every two or three years. This way you can ensure that you and your employees are getting the best service and options out there. We encourage you to call One Bridge Wealth Management for this evaluation. We stay current with changes in the industry so we can address them with you. We can help make sense of all your options and customize your business's retirement plan to fit your needs and goals. When you are looking for retirement plan specialists, call One Bridge Wealth Management and schedule a complimentary consultation with John or Mark.


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