Supporting Women as Investors, Here at One Bridge

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Supporting Women as Investors, Here at One Bridge

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Historically, investing has been perceived as a predominantly male domain, with women often underrepresented in the investment landscape. Women tend to have longer lifespans. In today’s world, many women choose to remain single throughout their lives or they become widowed, while others are married and in charge of the finances. The reality is that women today are more engaged in personal finance and investing than in previous generations. We're here to provide assistance in this regard. Investing is a crucial component of financial planning, providing individuals with the opportunity to grow wealth and secure their financial futures. At One Bridge Wealth Management, we recognize the importance of empowering women as investors and helping them navigate the world of investing with confidence and ease.

Shifting Perspectives: Women as Investors

The traditional narrative of investing has been dominated by images of men in suits on trading floors, but this perception is evolving. Women are increasingly taking charge of their financial destinies and actively participating in investment decision-making. Whether they are managing their own portfolios or collaborating with financial advisors, women are making significant strides in the investment arena.

Unique Financial Goals and Perspectives

Women often have unique financial goals and perspectives that influence their investment decisions. They may prioritize long-term financial security, family wealth preservation, or aligning investments with personal values and social impact. Understanding these distinct priorities is essential for crafting investment strategies that resonate with women investors and help them achieve their financial objectives.

Tailored Investment Solutions for Women

At One Bridge Wealth Management, we recognize that women investors have diverse needs and preferences. Our approach to investment management is highly personalized, taking into account each client's unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance. We offer a range of investment solutions tailored to women investors, including socially responsible investing, and customized portfolio strategies designed to align with their financial objectives and values.

Taxation on Widows and the Single Filer Penalty

Taxation on widows and the single filer penalty can pose significant financial challenges for women who find themselves in these circumstances. Typically, when a spouse passes away, a widow may benefit from the qualifying widow(er) status, which allows them to maintain the same lower, married filing jointly, tax rates as for up to two years if they remain single. However, once this grace period ends, they must file at the higher single filer taxpayer rate, likely leading to higher tax rates. In cases where widows inherit their spouses' IRAs with their spouses required minimum distributions and their own required minimum distributions, then they are essentially required to pay the higher single filer tax rate on two people’s incomes – their required minimum distribution plus the deceased spouse’s required minimum distribution. Strategies exist to mitigate these challenges. Single filers often face higher tax rates than married couples filing jointly, known as the "single filer penalty," further complicating the tax burden for widows and single individuals. Given these complexities, effective tax planning and professional advice are crucial for navigating these issues.

Cultivating Financial Empowerment

Empowering women as investors goes beyond simply managing portfolios; it's about cultivating financial empowerment and fostering a sense of ownership over one's financial future. At One Bridge Wealth Management, we provide women with the knowledge, resources, and support they need to make informed investment decisions and achieve their long-term financial goals.

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