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Financial Advice For Kirkwood, MO.
One Bridge Wealth Management is an independent firm of financial advisors Kirkwood, MO. residents can trust and depend on. We were founded on integrity and the determination to deliver quality, more personalized services to our clients and their families. We take the time to get to know you and your family, to better understand your needs and goals for the future. Our team of talented, educated professionals are entirely devoted to our clients. You can just think of us as the "outsourced CFO" for your family, and we are proud to serve the residents of Kirkwood, MO. in this way. 

What We Do 
One Bridge delivers a comprehensive set of services that encompass a variety of aspects for financial management. The following topics represent the main components we focus on: 
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Employee Retirement Plan Consulting 
  • Employer Retirement Plan Consulting
There is further information on these topics on their self-titled pages within this website. You can also schedule an appointment for a consultation with John or Mark, right here at One Bridge. See more information below on two of these categories. 

Estate Planning 
It's a common story these days, hearing about a family that's feuding due to a relative who died either without a will, or the will is being contested, and the family is divided over the assets. Often, families are forever estranged over an issue like this. But these kinds of problems can be avoided by doing proper estate planning. Do you want to utilize the per stirpes method of distribution, or do you need to designate and divide assets in a more variable manner? Should you establish a trust, or would simply titling your assets appropriately be enough? Estate planning also focuses on minimizing potential taxes on the assets you plan to distribute. Excessive federal taxing can result in the major depletion of an asset, and the possibility of the protection may be a concern, especially if you have significant assets. We can help you with these issues and more, so you can have confidence knowing your loved ones will be taken care of properly. 

Investment Management 
Knowing which types of investments to select depends on a few different factors. We take the investable amount, the risk level you're comfortable with, and the time frame you want to invest, then match it up to the financial goals you want to achieve, and formulate a plan designed to work for you. For most investors, we use low-cost fund selections to keep fees at a minimum. We have a disciplined and diversified investment strategy that is customized to your financial goals. Our approach is simple but comprehensive, and tailored to every client's unique specific needs. So when you're looking for a financial advisor in Kirkwood, MO., contact Mark or John, here at One Bridge Wealth Management.
One Bridge Wealth Management does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation.

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