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Wealth Management in Ballwin 
One Bridge Wealth Management is an independent firm of financial planning consultants serving Ballwin that was founded on integrity and a true dedication to the people we serve. We are passionate about our mission to strive to improve the financial lives of our clients and their families through a more personalized approach. We are a team of experienced wealth management professionals who take the time to get to know you so we can understand your needs and goals for the future. Our clients can think of us as their family’s outsourced CFO, saving them the time and energy it takes to deal with their investments and financial plan. By using a simple but disciplined approach, we will help you design a financial plan that fits your needs and helps reach your goals. So, when you are looking for a financial advisor, Ballwin residents can call One Bridge Wealth Management. 

What We Provide

Our services are comprehensive, including but not limited to: 
  • Investment Management
  • Tax Strategies
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Retirement Planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Business Planning
  • Employee Retirement Plan Consulting 
  • Employer Retirement Plan Consulting 
You can find additional information on any of these topics on their specific pages within this website, or for more detailed information, you can also schedule a consultation with Mark or John, who will be happy to discuss the numerous ways we can assist you. A couple of these topics are expanded upon below.

Risk Management & Insurance (Life, Long-Term Care & Disability)

One Bridge Wealth Management can help you identify the biggest sources of risks to your financial plan. Then, we will identify options on how to best manage those risks. Some of the largest typical risks to a financial plan, besides a market downturn, are death, disability, loss of income, and long-term care costs. One way to manage these risks is to transfer the risk from the client to an insurance company through different types of insurance, such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance. There are many different types of insurance, with a myriad of options for each one. We can help you make sense of them and keep your choices cost-effective. 

Estate Planning

We've all heard the sad stories about families mourning the loss of a loved one who also have to deal with the messiness and costs of the estate going through probate. These kinds of problems can be avoided with some basic and/or detailed estate planning. Simple steps to help ensure this does not happen to you is to make sure your assets are titled appropriately. We will consider if setting up contingent beneficiaries with per stirpes designation might be the most appropriate route for you as well. Another good idea is to make sure you have a will. Other times, it might be better to create a trust.  We can help advise you on your options and guide you down the path to the one that is right for you. For any topic related to wealth management, Ballwin can reach out to One Bridge.
One Bridge Weatlh Management does not provide legal or tax advice. You should consult a legal or tax professional regarding your individual situation. Fixed insurance products and services offered through CES Insurance Agency or One Bridge Wealth Management.

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